Für den ultimativen Babylon 5 Fan

Und wieder hat mich facebook positiv überrascht:

Es gab nen link zu den B5 Scrolls

Einer irren Seite mit Infos, Schiffsplänen und und und….

Die ganze Seite ist runterladbar ( 121 MB gezipped)

Die Texte sind natürlich auf englisch.

Viel Spass!!!

Ein paar Beispiele?



“We didn’t have a name for them back then but they’ve since become known as generalists.”
Ron Thornton

The Foundation Imaging name was kind of a two pronged thing.  As you probably know, the
Psion organisers were one of the first hand held computers, and they had their own
database programming language, OPL.  Paul and I developed a movie budgeting
package for this and became Psion dealers for a while, and the company’s name
was Foundation Systems.  We kept the Foundation bit partly for continuity but
also because of the whole Asimov connotation.

Nowadays places like to cubby-hole; you’re a texture map painter, you’re a rigger, an
animator, modeller, compositor etc.  But right from the start I was looking to employ
artists that were more all rounders.  We didn’t have a name for them back then but
they’ve since become known as generalists.  Those who can use both 3D & 2D
software, who can build, texture, rig, light and animate as well as paint.  I think
Sherry (Hitch) was the only person who was comp only, and Pam Vick of course.
They were the only ones who were 2D everyone else was more generalists.

Being among the first guys pioneering a lot of this stuff for television there wasn’t
anyone around telling us we couldn’t do something and ultimately that’s what ran
Foundation – don’t tell us we can’t do that, we’ll find a way. : )  That’s why B5 was
such a great experience.  For all the problems and issues it had, creatively it’s
still one of the best shows I’ve ever worked on.

There were definitely people who would take a dig at the use of CGI however, but most
of them were firmly entrenched in using miniatures.  It took a while for people like Dan
Curry and David Stipes to come across to our way of thinking as they were still slogging
away shooting motion control every week for the Next Generation and Deep Space 9.  But
it was costing them a fortune.  The model for the DS9 station was getting close to a million
bucks. A very expensive miniature, but of course they used it for many many episodes.

Originally I’d been approached by John Copeland to bid on Babylon 5 using miniatures
and motion control as well.  But it would have been prohibitively expensive to do,
and they had very little money.  Once a model for the station had been built and
set up there would have been enough left to perhaps do 8 to 10 shots.  That’s why
I suggested using CGI, though wasn’t exactly sure if it could be done as nothing had
been attempted for television on that scale before.

I suppose an argument could be made for this to be included with the ISA ships due to it’s connection with the rangers (going by the insignia on the hull). Ah bugger it, it’s staying here. Tim Earls did this one.  Originally I thought it only appeared in the one episode, but then I noticed something on the season 5 finale, Sleeping In light.  At the end, when jms turns off the lights, amongst the flotilla of vessels attending the ceremony are three of these things top left of screen.  I wonder if that was meant to indicate that humans from the distant future came back in time to witness the event.
First appearance : Season 4 – Babylon 5 – The Deconstruction Of Falling Stars
Screenshot : Season 4 – Babylon 5 – The Deconstruction Of Falling Stars






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